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Christian Giving and Stewardship – Supporting the Church Financially
In times past the farming communities, having brought the Harvest home, gave their tithe to the church – a share of the crops they had gathered.  In modern times we are not farmers and so share what we have – our money.
We cannot keep the gospel message to ourselves, it has to be shared. Giving money to the church helps spread the gospel message – helps it to be shared.
Stewardship is about our commitment to God and the Church.
We should give willingly and with joy.
Our stewardship of the Church, in addition to the provision of the sacraments through worship and liturgy - also involves maintaining the fabric of the church, the concrete, the bricks and mortar, the roof, the furnishings, the lighting and the heating – the list is as long as the list of things that we need to do at home to maintain our homes in good order.  And also, as at home, there is never too much money – there always seem to be a shortage.
Here at Holy Cross, Catford we encourage giving through the Gift Aid Scheme. For every 80 pence you give to the church we claim back from the Government the Basic Rate of Income Tax of 20 pence that you have already paid from your salary, pension or other income.
For example a donation of £8 becomes £10!
The Gift Aid scheme is quite simple – you formalise your giving by agreeing to pay by monthly standing order direct from your bank account or give using a Gift Aid Envelope.
£8 or £80 given anonymously through the offertory basket is gratefully received.  But given through the Gift Aid Scheme becomes £10 or £100,
at no cost to you – provided you are a UK taxpayer.
Standing order and gift aid declaration forms are available here, at the contact corner table as also are the Gift Aid Envelopes inside the church.

Gift Aid

Under UK Tax Law, charities can reclaim the basic rate tax deducted from the donations, offerings and regular giving received from UK taxpayers.

Holy Cross Church, Catford is a part of the R C Archdiocese of Southwark which is a Registered Charity No. 1173050.

Monetary gifts have to be identifiable; we must know who the gift is from and the donor (giver) must agree that the donation (giving) is to be treated as received under the Gift Aid Scheme.

An offering of £10 (under Gift Aid) becomes £12.50 when we, the Church, claim the 20% tax deducted from your gross income.
Holy Cross Church
Donation Campaign
If you give a monthly donation of
This equals an annual sum ofIncome Tax reclaimed
by the parish
Real amount of your gift
If you are a higher rate taxpayer you could claim higher rate tax relief by completing the relevant section of your UK Tax Return.  If you do not normally complete a UK Tax Return then you can make your claim by writing to HM Revenue & Customs.

We have Gift Aid Envelopes for the use of occasional givers which bear a Gift Aid Declaration that the donor must complete together with their name and address.

For regular donors, we encourage giving by bank standing order direct from their bank to ours; and in junction with this we ask for a general Gift Aid Declaration to be made that covers all payments made after the signing of the declaration, into the future.  

There is no point completing a general Gift Aid Declaration and then continuing to give money through the collection plate at Mass, as we do not then know who the gift is from and so we cannot reclaim any tax.

Gift Aid Envelopes, Bank Standing Order forms and general Gift Aid Declarations are available online, at the Contact Corner in the church.

Give As You Earn

There is a ‘Giving to Charity’ scheme known as Give As You Earn operated by some employers.   You ask your employer to deduct from your salary a regular monthly amount and this is deducted from your gross pay before tax is applied.  This scheme is especially beneficial to higher rate taxpayers as they benefit from the higher rate tax relief immediately, avoiding the need to make a claim later through the Tax Return or claim letter to HMRC.

For example, a gift of £50 costs the higher rate taxpayer only £30 net of the tax relief at 40%.  
For a basic rate taxpayer, a similar gift of £50 would cost £40 net of the tax relief at 20%.  

For gifts made this way the receiving Charity is the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark
Bank Sort Code   : 60 04 36
Account Number : 14575965
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