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First Holy Communion Celebrations
Dear Parents,
Now we are able to start planning for your child to receive Holy Communion for the first time. The form the celebration will take will be rather different to the way it has been ordered previously, because of current restrictions. However, it will still be a true celebration as your child receives Christ in the Eucharist, “The source and Summit of our Faith”.
The present situation has provided one great benefit; you as parents have been able to play an even more important part in helping to prepare your own child to receive this greatest of gifts.
The last few weeks have provided the opportunity to work together on the ‘I Belong’ book, and by now it should be completed up to the end of Chapter 10, p116.
You will shortly receive two presentations to supplement Chapters 9 and 10 in the books; please spend time working through these together, and answering the questions in them. This completed work will be required as evidence that your child is ready to receive Jesus in Holy Communion.
There will be ‘Catch-up’ sessions arranged to see their work, and to practise with the children for the occasion. You will also be required to attend the Sacrament of Reconciliation before the First Communion Mass.
Practical arrangements.
Current Government requirements for special celebrations means a maximum of 30 people present, including the candidates; therefore, only your immediate household will be allowed to attend.
This means a maximum of five children and their families at each celebration, depending on the size of the individual household.
It would be very helpful, and make it more personal for yourselves, if families could get together with friends as a group to arrange a suitable date with Fr Antony and myself.

Please reply by Thursday 13th August if you would like to take part. There needs to be a minimum of five children (depending on the number of immediate families attending Mass) N.B. This is only the first of several sessions to be planned. You will not miss out if you cannot attend this one!! For more information, please contact Anne Mellis: fhc.catford@gmail.com
Some links you may find useful:

First Communion Update
Some of you were able to attend the first catch-up session on 15th August and have arranged dates for your Mass for First Holy Communion.
For those of you who were not able to attend, the next sessions will be:
·      Please note, before choosing your date, you must
o   Have attended the catch-up session
o   Have completed the ‘I Belong’ book up to the end of Ch 10
o   Show evidence of working on the two PowerPoint presentations
o   Receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation
Remember, under current rules, a maximum of 30 people can attend each of these dates, and this includes the child receiving First Communion
If you cannot attend any of these dates, it is perfectly reasonable to defer the celebration to a later date.

Please find below the quiz to download:
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