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Parish Priest

Fr. Antony Megalan Sellam
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Newsletter matters to be sent to antonymegalan@rcaos.org.uk by Wednesday.

We are part of the Lewisham Deanery and a parish of Archdiocese of Southwark
Please take a  look inside our Church.

Whenever we come into the presence of God in this holy church of
Holy Cross - Catford,we experience both invisible communion with God
and visible communion with each other. For more than a century, this beautiful church has been a spiritual power House for people
to have shared in this invisible and visible communion.
Please come and taste this unconditional love of God and to experience this friendly atmosphere in our Holy Cross parish.
Fr Antony

Sunday 18th April 2021 : 3rd Sunday of Easter

You can find the Readings from here

The latest document is an information letter from the Archbishop of Southwark.

  • New Testament and the Old Testament: The first reading in today’s Holy Mass, Peter presents Jesus as the fulfilment of all the Messianic prophecies of the Old Testament. In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus conveys the same message saying: ‘This is what I meant when I said, while I was still with you, that everything written about me in the Law of Moses, in the Prophets and in the Psalms has to be fulfilled.’ In order to understand the coherence between the Old Testament and the New Testament, Vatican Council II’s Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation Dei Verbum states: “The principal purpose to which the plan of the old covenant was directed was to prepare for the coming of Christ, the redeemer of all and of the messianic kingdom, to announce this coming by prophecy... These books, though they also contain some things which are incomplete and temporary, nevertheless show us true divine pedagogy. (1) These same books, then, give expression to a lively sense of God, contain a store of sublime teachings about God, sound wisdom about human life, and a wonderful treasury of prayers, and in them the mystery of our salvation is present in a hidden way. Christians should receive them with reverence. God, the inspirer and author of both Testaments, wisely arranged that the New Testament be hidden in the Old and the Old be made manifest in the New. (2) For, though Christ established the new covenant in His blood (see Luke 22:20; 1 Cor. 11:25), still the books of the Old Testament with all their parts, caught up into the proclamation of the Gospel, (3) acquire and show forth their full meaning in the New Testament (see Matt. 5:17; Luke 24:27; Rom. 16:25-26; 2 Cor. 14:16) and in turn shed light on it and explain it” [DV 14, 15]. Let us read and assimilate the Holy Bible and receive God’s Blessings. Fr Antony

  • URGENT NOTICE!!!! Please note that new traffic regulations come into force on Monday 19 April 2021. Cameras will start to monitor car drivers using Culverley Road between Holy Cross car park entrance and Bromley Road at certain times. Please avoid access to Holy Cross car park (Culverley Road) between 8.15-9.15am and 2.45-3.45pm, otherwise you will be issued with a penalty fine of £130.


  • Please note that the Mass times have been reviewed : See below (Mass Times and Intentions)
All the Masses will be live-streamed: https://holy-cross-stream.click2stream.com

Please Note: with the new regulations, we will only be able to hold up to 40 people in the church. We shall follow a “First Come, First Served” rule. Since the obligation to participate the Holy Mass on Sundays is still suspended, please consider attending on weekdays with your family members so that those who cannot make it on weekdays can come during the weekends. Please wear a face mask, sanitise your hands and keep a sufficient distance always in the church. Kindly follow the guidance of Welcome Ministers. Looking forward to seeing you.

  • 9 pm for Night Prayer Everyday: In this Pandemic, let us pray together as God’s family and receive His blessings before going to sleep. Please invite your family also to join prayer. Meeting ID: 7578777461; Passcode: 20212021.

  • Virtual Meeting with Fr Antony via Zoom: If you would like to speak to Fr Antony, please use the undernoted link, on Thursday this week from 10am. If there is someone before you, please wait in the Zoom Waiting Room. Meeting ID: 7578777461; Passcode: 20212021

* Classes will be via Zoom now
* From 24th April (after the Easter holidays) we hope to have regular classes at Hartley Hall.
* In October, we shall have the celebrations of the Sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

  • According to the guidelines of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales [Vade Mecum for Holy Week 2021], we follow the following at Holy Cross.
This year, the Celebrations for Holy Week and the Sacred Triduum will be in the presence of Christ’s faithful. This differs from the situation faced last year when acts of public worship were suspended because of the covid-19 pandemic.
Please remember that we follow...
  1. The wearing of face coverings in church by the faithful (unless the person has a valid exemption from this regulation)
  2. Social distancing of people within the church building
  3. Frequent hand cleansing with sanitiser
  4. Good ventilation of the church building to refresh the air quality within
  5. Cleaning of the church building after each act of public worship
  6. The timely dispersing of the faithful after the acts of worship avoiding congregating in car parks or on the streets outside the church.


Please take a copy of the Newsletter home with you - please do not leave it in the church. Thank you.

  • Diamond Club Magazine is available here

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    Tel: 020 8698 3672

    Parish Priest : antonymegalan@rcaos.org.uk

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