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Parish Priest

Fr. Antony Megalan Sellam
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Parish Office
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Josepha Flahive  
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Hartley Hall
[Tony Early]
Culverley Road,

Holy Cross School
[020 8698   2675]
Executive   Headteacher:Miss Mary Collins
Franciscan   Sisters of the Immaculate
Holy Cross Bookshop
4 Brownhill Road, Catford

Donella Canelle

First Holy Communion:
Anne Mellis

Franck&Patricia Anguibi

Judy & Fabian Chen

St  Vincent De Paul 07835 188411

Safeguarding Line 07598 524024

Third   Thursday Time TTT
Email thirdthursdaytime@gmail.com

Newsletter matters to be sent to antonymegalan@rcaos.org.uk by Wednesday.

We are part of the Lewisham Deanery and a parish of Archdiocese of Southwark
Please take a  look inside our Church.

Whenever we come into the presence of God in this holy church of
Holy Cross - Catford,we experience both invisible communion with God
and visible communion with each other. For more than a century, this beautiful church has been a spiritual power House for people
to have shared in this invisible and visible communion.
Please come and taste this unconditional love of God and to experience this friendly atmosphere in our Holy Cross parish.
Fr Antony

Sunday 22nd May 2022 : Sixth Sunday of Easter

You can find the Readings from here

Jesus said to his disciples, ‘peace I leave with you, my own peace I give you.’ We can’t give peace to others if we don’t have it ourselves. Jesus was able to give peace to others because he had it himself. The Lord will give us too his peace. We are in dire need of peace in today’s turbulent world. We can experience and live this peace in the midst of the hurly-burly of life around us.

Jesus spoke about peace during the last supper. It was at a time when everything around him was anything but peaceful. The tensions and anxiety were building up. Everything was apparently in turmoil. Peace is not the same as tranquillity. Tranquillity is external while peace is essentially internal. Peace is a state of inner calm and indicates the right relationship we need with God and with others. It doesn’t always mean the absence of conflicts or challenges. Peace is one thing that is lacking in our world today both at a personal level and world-wide. As Christians, we are invited to pursue peace with one another. We are invited to possess peace even in the midst of turmoil, conflict, unmet needs and unresolved problems.

Peace-making and the love of enemies, as Jesus practised it and in the New Testament teachings, is not a cowardly opting out of the conflicts and divisions in the world. It is rather the positive and courageous activity of living now in and by the peace which God gave when he himself entered the world in Jesus Christ. Jesus offers his peace to us. The peace the world cannot give, a peace that no one can take away from us.
Fr Antony

 Please take a copy of the Newsletter home with you - please do not leave it in the church. Thank you.

  • The Ascension of the Lord: Holyday of Obligation. There will be two Masses on Thursday 26th May to celebrate this Feast. 9:15am and 7:00pm

  • School Signing In: If you have children of school age who require a parish priest reference for their school application, please note that from Saturday 21st May you will need to complete the signing in sheets that will be available at the school side entrance only, every week after

  • Mass. Repository (church shop): We are planning to open the church shop after all weekend Masses, and are looking for a responsible person from each Mass to run it. If you are interested and are able to help please contact Fr Antony.

  • Children and Baby Liturgy: We would really like to reinstate the Children’s and Baby Liturgies during the 9am Mass. If you would like to join the catechist team, please contact Fr Antony.

  • Application Forms – 2022/23: The application forms for First Holy Communion, Confirmation and RCIA for next year, will be available from Monday 23rd May. Please collect the forms you require from Fr Antony after any of the weekday Masses. The deadline to submit your application form will be 23rd July. All programmes are due to start in September 2022.


COVID SECURITY GUIDELINES : Following the recent changes(Friday 10 dec) in the regulations from the Government, the parish has issued updated guidelines for continued safe and covid-secure worship in the church.The latest document is Guidances for Churches December 2021

  • Please note that the Mass times have been reviewed : See below (Mass Times and Intentions)
All the Masses will be live-streamed: https://holy-cross-stream.click2stream.com

  • With respect to the current situation with the omicron variant it is important to ensure the following points are followed in our churches:
  That people displaying any symptoms of covid-19 should stay at home and not travel to church or participate in person.

  • That hand sanitiser is used by everyone attending the Church.

  • That there is good ventilation and air throughput in the building; in this case, because of climatic conditions, please do wrap up warmly when coming to the church as we may need to leave doors open.

  • That people who are engaged in a form of pastoral ministry which involves ministry to the housebound, sick, and vulnerable, should take regular lateral flow tests to ensure they are safe to do so. These are free from the NHS.

  • Diamond Club Magazine is available here

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