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Holy Trinity Year B 2018
Last weekend was a very special one wasn’t it? So much was happening. I mean, I have my invitation here but what with First Holy Communions and Confirmation I was just too busy to get down to Windsor. But it was nice that Harry and Megan did include so many people in their celebration. The fact is that they didn’t just want the country to spectate, they wanted as many of us as possible to participate, in any way we could.

Actually, it is a real privilege to participate in anybody else’s life in any way at all. And it is often through the big occasions that we get a chance to do so. While I didn’t get to Windsor I was privileged to be invited to several First Holy Communion and Confirmation celebrations.

But how much more spectacular is it, to be celebrating today’s feast, the Feast of the Holy Trinity of God. It is a bit bigger really, than any of the celebrations I’ve just mentioned. It’s a celebration of God’s life and God does not want to celebrate it without us. We are included.

As St Paul tells us in that letter to the Romans we’ve just heard read, the Holy Spirit has moved us to a place where we can cry out: “Abba, Father!” In other words, the Holy Spirit joins us to Jesus, making us children of God. We are joined to God and we share God’s life. Today we join in the celebration of life that is God’s life the life of the Trinity. We are not supposed to be mere spectators. We are invited to be part of it and to celebrate our role within it – to be
Children of God the Father,
descended from Abraham and called to journey as his chosen people to our promised land. Our lives have direction and purpose. We need never be lost.
We are also called to be constituent parts of the Body of Christ,
with each of us making a real contribution in our own unique way. The parts are many but the body is one. Jesus has no hands on earth now but ours, no feet now but ours and so on.
And we are called to be Temples of the Holy Spirit
dedicating or even consecrating our lives to house God’s Holy Spirit. Through us God’s Holy Spirit will engage the world.
So yes, what a fantastic privilege it is. No wonder then, that at the end of the gospel, at the end of his earthly ministry, Jesus says to the apostles: “Go and get everyone involved. Give the invitation to everyone. Make disciples of all nations. Baptise them into God’s life, the life of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
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