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Dear Parishioner,


  • Although we have new Mass times whilst we are coping with the presence of Covid-19, we shall from September resume our normal Mass times - but with one exception. It has been suggested that the Sunday 10:00 am mass be brought forward to 09:00 am to allow time to include Sunday Bible Classes, Youth Catechises and other parish programmes. As with all changes that involve our Parishioners, I ask for your thoughts and suggestions on this proposal. If we have a positive response, I shall then approach the diocese for approval. 
  • Many thanks for all of you who support the parish during this difficult time. Many give their precious time to keep our church neat and sanitised and others to undertake the role of a Welcome Minister amongst other helpful tasks. We have had no offertory collection for a few months now but the monthly outlay needed remains the same. Our support of the diocese alone is in excess of £2,000 a month, and there are of course many other regular expenses. We are grateful to all of you who continue to provide financial support via standing order, and those who have recently joined this method of contributing as well as those using the new Donorbox option. Your contributions do help us to attend to some essential repairs and renovation in the church. Take a look at how you have supported the church during the period of lockdown:   
  1. Repaired the ceiling of the church o Installed new audio equipment in Hartley Hall 
  2. Renovated the Sacristy and laid a new ceramic floor o Repaired the roof in a few places 
  3. Repointed the brickwork o Repaired the storage areas and installed 3 UPVC doors 
  4. Polished, renewed, electroplated and lacquered the six big century old candle stands and two antique crosses, and bought four new processional candle holders with stands 
  5. Installed two noticeboards and a First-Aid Box 
  6. And, we are going to install a new kitchen in Hartley Hall and renovate the Hartley Hall office. 
  7. We have made our buildings safer and user friendly, and this has been possible only because of your generosity and support. 
  8. Currently only 25% of our parishioners are coming to church and as there is no offertory collection, we would ask you to consider making your offerings via Standing Order or Donorbox. Standing Order forms are available at the entrance of the church and the link to the Donorbox is: https://donorbox.org/holy-crosschurch_catford 
  • Many thanks for all those who have been coming forward to become catechists in our parish. We follow a collegial and participatory model of catechises in Holy Cross. 
  • During the holiday month of August, our Parish Office Secretary Josepha Flahive and Parish Pastoral Secretary Lisa O’Hara will not be available in parish office. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any urgent matters. 
  • I am now visiting the housebound. Kindly give me a call and let me know if you require Holy Communion and a visit to someone who is feeling poorly or who is housebound. 
  • If you would like to baptise your child, please do complete the Baptism Application Form and contact me. 
  • Every Monday we celebrate the sacrament of Reconciliation from 7pm 
  • We shall be celebrating a Requiem Mass on 26 September for all who died during this Pandemic. Families of the deceased can also ask for a special Mass for their beloved ones. 
  • We shall begin the RCIA courses in November. Please be an apostle and invite your friends and family members to learn more and share in our Catholic faith. An RCIA enquiry form is attached. 
  • The obligation to participate in Sunday Mass remains suspended. Where possible, please try to attend a weekday Mass to ensure Sunday attendance remains manageable. Entry into Mass will be on a first come first served basis, and where the maximum number is met, those awaiting entry shall be asked to kindly attend an alternative Mass. 
  • The one-meter distance rule applies and all parishioners (excluding very young children) are required to wear a face mask and to sanitise their hands. 
  • Please support your Welcome Minister in their role of keeping you safe


We need people to support our parish in the following missions... 

• Confirmation catechesis 

• RCIA catechesis 

• Holy Communion catechesis 

• Parish Council 

• Hartley Hall Committee Please contact Fr Antony for more details. 

One Person One Mission for Seven Years: In order to encourage more people to participate in the parish activities, I would like to adopt ‘One Person One Mission’ in our parish. Accordingly, if anyone does hold more than one leading role or has been in that same role for more than seven years, you may be contacted and asked to take up an alternative role in the parish in due time. More participation, more life in a parish.

United in Christ we are never alone,


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